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Computer Lab
The academy has a computer lab for imparting training on software skills. It has a setup of 20 latest Desktop Computers (Core i7) for 40 participants on sharing basis can be accommodated at a time. The computer lab is connected with a dedicated 24 x 7  100 Mbps internet facility support by SWAN and Broad band as fallback. Lab has facility for content Projection and Multimedia Audio/Video.
The Computer Lab manages the set of Computer Servers for managing/supporting the Academy Local Area Network and centralized software. Lab also has the facility for centralized printing.
Computer Lab is used for:

1. Computer training on various softwares.
2. Internet and Local Area Network resources (LAN) and activities.
3. General purpose computing, printing, hardware and software in the central facility.
4. Repair and troubleshooting of all computing resources across the centre.
Running Courses
42nd Induction Course for Assistant Engineers of Irrigation Department, Uttarakhand (Gazetted Officer)

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