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Gender Issues Cell

Our Vision:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brother hood.

Gender Issues Cell started functioning in the year 2008 within the fold of Center for Good Governance (C.G.G.), Uttarakhand Academy of Administration Nainital.

Activities of the Gender Issues Cell :

1. Development of training modules and conducting research studies.

2. Capacity building programmes for government, public sector employees and elected representatives.

3. Gender sensitization programmes for policy makers, administrative & development agencies and educationists.

4. Formation of self help groups and their federations to empower rural women through micro financing.

5. Personality Development Programmes and Career Counseling for adolescent girls.

6. Legal awareness programmes for women and girls to stop Domestic violence and sexual harassment.

7. Awareness and knowledge of Gender Responsive Budget for Women Development and Gender equality.

Our Achievements:

Swayamsiddha Project-

Swayamsiddha Project was taken by the cell in May 2008 funded by the Department of Women Empowerment and Child Development of Uttarakhand. Two Training of Trainers and Ten capacity Building Programmes were conducted by the Cell to strengthen the self help groups of 11 Blocks in 5 Districts. The Cell also conducted evaluation studies for training impact assessment under this Project.

Kishori Shakti Yojna-

The Project was taken by the Cell in May 2009. The Cell has adopted a ToT model to reach out to the girls in the remote area of Uttarakhand. One national workshop was organized by the Cell to develop the training content for adolescent girls in the areas of health, hygiene, nutrition and life skills. ToT's were conducted by the Cell during 2009-12.

  •  In the year 2010-11 Vocational training for drop out girls was a new effort.
  • Development and distribution of training modules of KSY and training kits to the adolescent girls was recognized by the ministry of Women & Child Development. The content and methodology of training module and kit was taken up as a sample for other states by NIPCCD.

Sabla Yojna -

Sabla Yojna a new initiative of women & Child Development ministry has been implemented in Four Districts of Uttarakhand by the Gender Issues Cell.

Sabla training module and well designed training kit for adolescent girls are innovative efforts of the Cell. 06 ToT's were conducted to develop the personnel of ICDS as good trainers for adolescent girls of Uttarakhand. Conduction of vocational trainings with the coordination of Polytechnics was found highly beneficial for drop out girls.

Unnayan - A project on Career Counseling

The Cell has designed and implemented the project "Unnayan" to give the career counseling in 10 Schools of Nainital District. 635 girls were benefited by this project in the year 2011-12.

Gender Budgeting As An Important Tool of Women Empowerment -

The Cell has designed a national workshop to evaluate the present status of Gender Budgeting in different states of India. 4 states level training programmes are planned to spread awareness among the concerned officers and departments about the meaning and the process of Gender Budgeting.

Safety Measures of Adolescent Girls-

The Cell has also designed a training project for teachers and girls to develop them as "Mentors" about the safety measures-including legal, mental and physical strength in bad situations faced by the girls
Running Courses
1st Induction course for Gram Panchayat Vikas Adhikari- Uttarkahand Govt., Panchayati Raj

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